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Slazenger V100 TAS G2 Bat

The V100 TAS combines cutting-edge tech...

Slazenger V100 TAS G3 Bat

The V100 continues its journey with Sla...

Slazenger V100 TAS G4 Bat

Construction: English Willow Quality ha...

Slazenger V100 TAS Ultimate Bat 2013

Willow Grade : G1- / Toe Guard : YES / ...

Slazenger V100 TAS Ultra Bat 2013

The new Slazenger V100 TAS combines cut...

slazenger V12 Limited Edition Bat

With stunning looks and a re-engineered...

Slazenger V1200 HEX G1 Bat

HANDLE – Semi-Oval 12 Piece Cane-Spec...

Slazenger V1200 HEX G2 Bat

Six piece, hollow, cane and elastomer/ ...

Slazenger V1200 HEX G3 Bat

The V1200 is a bat of technical excelle...

Slazenger V1200 HEX G4 Bat

The combination of these two technologi...

Slazenger V360 Ultimate Bat 2013

Willow Grade : G1+ / Toe Guard : YES / ...

slazenger V500 Super Kashmir Willow Bat

Extreme Linear Profile: For extreme eff...

Slazenger V6 Bat 2013

Retro styling and a new contemporary pr...

Slazenger V600 G1 Bat

Construction: English Willow Quality ha...

Slazenger V600 G2 Bat

The V600 is expertly profiled to the de...

Slazenger V600 G4 Bat

The 2014 Slazenger V600 G4 Cricket Bat ...

slazenger V800 Aero Blade Bat

Dominating Stroke Player Developed for ...


New Products For September - Cricket Bats

BDM Bullet Ball

2-piece ball. Good for 30 Overs...

$10.00 $9.00Save: 10% off
SG Test White Ball

Actual item may differ from the illustr...

Dimple Ball

Dimple Hard Plastic Ball. Great for kno...

Kookaburra 250 Thigh Pad

Profile – Intermediate Level Club qua...

DS Practice Balls Dz

Good for 25 to 30 overs. Comparable to ...

Kookaburra Ricochet 750 Btg Pads

Impact Protection Light weight HDF & Ca...

Bouncer Ball

2-Piece - Leather Ball. Good for 30 ove...

Grays IncrediBall - Red

Traditional stich Construction. Soft re...

Red and White Ball

Rad and White ball. Great for practice....

SG Seamer Ball

Actual item may differ from the illustr...

Bouncer Ball - 1 Dz

1 dz 2-Piece - Leather Ball. Good for 3...

BDM Commander Ball

4-piece ball....

$13.00 $11.00Save: 15% off
DS Special match White Ball

4-piece white tanned ball. Good for 60 ...


Featured Products - Cricket Bats

BDM Aero Dynamic Bat

Premium quality straight grained willow...

BDM Supertest 2000 Kashmir Willow Bat

A bat with the radical look. Huge Profi...

CA Big Bang Bat

Made Of Unique English Willow,With 8+ G...

CA Kashmir Willow Bat

The new CA Kashmir willow bat is made f...

CA Super Test White Ball

4 piece construction Selected Pak Chrom...

Malik Bubber Sher Bat

Made from Finest G1 English Willow. Max...

$219.00 $199.00Save: 9% off
BDM Bullet Ball

2-piece ball. Good for 30 Overs...

$10.00 $9.00Save: 10% off
Malik Sarfi Bat

Favourite of many International Players...


Monthly Specials For September


GM Powerarc Blade Optimised Design to i...

$260.00 $225.00Save: 13% off
GM Flare DXM Original LE Ready Play Bat

Flare DXM represents all new, ground up...

$495.00 $420.00Save: 15% off
DS Test Match Ball

4 piece construction Selected Pak Chrom...

$8.00 $6.50Save: 19% off
Bat Grips (Bag of 10)

A bag of 10 grips of mixed colors and t...

$40.00 $30.00Save: 25% off
MIDs X Power Bat

- Hand Crafted from the Very Best unble...

$295.00 $275.00Save: 7% off
Graddige Aussie Style helmet

It has a high impact grade polypropolen...

$65.00 $55.00Save: 15% off
Reebok CENTURION PRO Btg Gloves

Batting Gloves · Right-handed and Left...

$55.00 $40.00Save: 27% off
Bat Cover - Misc.

Full bat cover. Misc brand....

$7.00 $5.00Save: 29% off
Reebok L.E btg Gloves

Right-handed gloves · Maximum airflow ...

$65.00 $55.00Save: 15% off
BDM Bullet Ball

2-piece ball. Good for 30 Overs...

$10.00 $9.00Save: 10% off
HS Spark 200 Bat

Hand Crafted English Willow Cricket Bat...

$125.00 $99.00Save: 21% off
SS Yuvi 2020 Bat

SS Yuvi just released from SS sports th...

$225.00 $195.00Save: 13% off
Malik Bubber Sher Bat

Made from Finest G1 English Willow. Max...

$219.00 $199.00Save: 9% off
BDM Commander Ball

4-piece ball....

$13.00 $11.00Save: 15% off
Malik Bubber Sher Limited Edition Bat Ready Play

# High quality Premium English willow #...

$275.00 $249.00Save: 9% off
MRF Grand Edition Bat

Prototype of the MRF Brand ambassador...

$450.00 $425.00Save: 6% off
Reebok L.E w/k Gloves

• Endorsed by Indian Captain and Wick...

$75.00 $50.00Save: 33% off
CA Skin Shirt

Long Sleeve Skin Fit Shirt Made Of 92% ...

$24.00 $19.00Save: 21% off
CA Plus 12000 Gloves

Batting Gloves CA Plus 12000. Light wei...

$60.00 $50.00Save: 17% off
Reebok L.E w/k Pads

Test-Match Quality wicket keeping leg g...

$60.00 $50.00Save: 17% off

If cricket is a war then cricket bat is weapon, If cricket is passion then cricket bat is energy. Thats how cricket bats are crucial to game.It's not just a piece of wood but it's an Art of creating masterpiece. Its durability, shine, look, polishing, raw material quality and making process defines Cricket Bat quality.

Desisport confirms all these requirements before giving it to the customers hand, just choose your favorite bat from desisport because best quality is our assurance to you.

Desisport provides variety of cricket bats. basically there are two main types of categories of willow, one of that is English willow bats. It's treated with raw (unboiled) linseed oil, which has a protective function. This variety of willow is used as it is very tough and shock-resistant, not being significantly dented nor splintering on the impact of a cricket ball at high speed , while also being light in weight. So here desisport is one roof wherein you can select best English willow bat as per requirements.

Desisport provides best equipment for any professional cricket player. Here cricket bat( kashmir willow) is best equipment any cricket player can have. And that equipment you will get at desisport in vivid variety at reasonable prices. Kashmir willow bats are comparatively costly but comes with best quality. It is perfect mixture of dry raw material with moisture willow, thats why this combination build perfect and durable bat for cricket. Again Many more offers provided by desisport on kashmir willow bats. So pick your suitable one and rock this game!

Bat Weights

Senior Range (SH & LH) Weight
Light 2lb 9oz & Under
Medium 2lb 10oz - 2lb 12oz
Heavy 2lb 13oz & Over

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