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Kookaburra Bubble Legend Pads

Kookaburra Bubble Legend Pads

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  • Manufactured by: Kookaburra


Profile – ‘First class Players’ quality.
Impact Protection – Combination of traditional cane and Bubble HDF rods.
Integral HDF thigh protection – PU faced.
Three piece external knee roll. New ‘Contour+’ knee roll.
Ergonomically shaped shin bolster – 3 piece.
Features – 9 cane width lead leg.
‘Duo Load’ straps for added comfort and security.
Soft feel knee and shin bolsters for increase comfort.
Durable instep – PVC with piping.
Facing – Premium PU.
Straps – Premium padded brushed cotton (calf). 50mm with Velcro calf and ankle and 25mm with Velcro knee.