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"My order arrived yesterday and I was totally surprised that it arrived so soon. Thank you very much for everything. All the items were in great shape and they match exactly as shown in Gray Nicoll's website. I am immensely satisfied with your service and I was happy to do business with you. Now I know where to go for my cricketing needs!!"
Ram Swaminathan from Frederick, MD

"I just wanted to say thank you . I got my order delivered yesterday and every thing looks good . The bat and the batting glove are really looking good . Sweater is also nice. Especially, the shoe are perfect fit for me. I was a kind of worried about this order because of my bad experiences with my previous orders with other on-line company. Thanks Again."

"I got the Delivery of the shoes that I ordered from you today. Just wanted to say that the shoes look great, fit well and thank-you for your speedy and great service once again. Regards,"
Paul Brogan

"I again wanted to thank you for the GN Powerbow Titanium bat. This is the best piece of equipment I have ever owned in my life. Its a little pricey but you always sell quality and original equipment. Thanks for not ripping me off and selling me a duplicate like some store in US do...This purchase has made me a customer of desi sports for life. Take care."
Pallav Desai

"I want to personally thank you and your sources in pakistan for the great uniforms. They are simply awesome, very good quality and excellent replication of the logo. My team loves it and most of all, you kept your word and it came in time. thank you again."
prashant - kansas city cricket club

"Hi Mustafa, How are you? Just wanted to let you know that i got the package yesterday. I must tell you i am very please with the suites. They are perfect. I want to thank you for all the troubles you went through to get me the suites on time. I look foward to doing business with you."
Thank you
Anoop, Miami, FL

From the KnIGHTS)
To DesiSport.Com:
We at the Knights Cricket Club ( would like to commend you on an excellent job on our new uniforms. The workmanship, quality of the material and the customer service (during the design phase and after that) is beyond what we have imagined. On top of that, your pricing for these uniforms was a STEAL. We have yet to find embroiders who don't charge for digitizing fees ($75 minimum based on logo). To have all this done and sized to our dimensions for such a low price is really amazing. Please keep up your great work and we hope that other teams around the country will get outfitted through DesiSport.Com (I'm sure the Quad City Kings in our league will echo our sentiments, having chosen you as their "official Outfitters" :-) )
I also have to commend you on the quality and price of the equipment we have bought from you.

Yours in Cricket"


"I'm really pleased with, from the last order the shipping was very fast, and the products was great. Keep up the great Service."
Anita, Florida

"Thank you very much for the prompt supply and delivery of the equipment that I ordered only last week. Many have been impressed by the bats, and I have had enquiries about some more of the ihsan hi lux bats."
Mr Paul Jones, NSW, Australia

"I just wanted to write and say thanks. Product is exactly as advertised, arrived exactly when it was supposed to and was the best priced. Thanks"
Michael Gale, Austin, Texas

"Desi Sport ALWAYS does a fabulous job!! You guys are great"
Kyle Kirkman, IN
"I just want to thank you for the cricket suits you have sent us. They came out really nice and was liked by everyone. I would also like to thank you for working with us in getting the Logo and the suits here in time. I have already recommended you to my friends and other cricket teams looking for cricket supplies."
Irfan, Murray Hill Cricket Club
"Received everything yesterday man. I cannot emphasize enough about the top quality equipment. That Inzi LE 329 is a work of art. Almost regretted not having bought that bat for myself....thank you for the prompt shipment and the top-notch equipment..Great to see that Gray Nicolls and Slaz make their stuff in India :-P....skilful labor."
Knights Cricket Club, Des Moines, IOWA.

"Hi, I recently purchased an AS Gold bat from your website. My freinds and I are really delighted with its performance and have recommended you to others. I hope you continue to do the great job you are doing. I cannot thank you enough for your prompt service."
Kunal Chowdhury, Singapore

"Thank you very much for making the effort to send us as many AS balls as you could. The bat is great and we love it. We will definitely pass the word about your excellent Cricket equipment and service..."
Bilal Anwar

"Hi, Mustafa I got the bats today, they are awsome.. So light, wonderful stuff.. One of them has a slight dent on the bat.. Not on the blade but the other side, its smaller than a dime.. It should be ok.. Thanks I will deffently get more stuff from you..."
Chirag desai

"We recieved the kit today. Thank you very much for your prompt service and great customer care. We are looking forward to doing a lot more business with you."
Aamod Anant Sathe,
President, PennState Cricket Club

"Thanks for your prompt reply. I received the package yesterday, and am very happy with the quality of the products. I will sure spread the good word about doing business with you."
Amrut Khatri,

"Yes, Our team liked your equipments. It was a treatise, to have you as a close neighbor in Houston. Thanks for your amazing support to the Cricket community in the central Texas region."
Vijai Natarajan,
Hill Country Cricket Association of Texas,
Austin, TX

"Wow! That sounds like a great deal. We really appreciate it!"
Bill Donges (Teacher)
Alternative Rehabilitation Communities, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA

"Aap nay to mera dil khush kardiya. Thanks for sending such a nice selection of cricket gear...I must say it is very seldom you enjoy dealing with desis..."
Basheer, Canada

"...thanks for shipping the equipment to my cricket club so fast. I know they are very appreciative..".
"Thanks so much for the gear. I received it today after getting back from work. Everything is very nice but the sweater is wonderful. Thank you very much for the gift I will remember it. It is just the type of sweater i wanted and it fits me perfectly, as does the shirt..."
Khushru Irani, California

"Thank you very much for your prompt order status. You have excellent prices and even excellent customer service. Thanks much"
Gau Sura, West Demoines, Iowa

"...arrived today, looks great ty for all your help. I will be in touch to buy some more stuff and will definitly pass your name around the cricket community."
Michael Bellfield, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"You have a very good site with good prices for what you sell."
Khusru Irani, California

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