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CA White Gold Bat

Hand crafted specially selected top grade English willow. Excellent balance and pickup. Contoured edges. Perfect pickup and weight distribution. Improved bat stickers.

Price: $115.00
CA White Gold Gloves

Quality leather glove design for professonal cricketers. Soft leather palm for extra comfort and durability. Pre-curved fingers.

Price: $30.00
CA White Gold Pads

Professional Pre-shaped batting legguard. High Density light weight foam covered with superior PU. Ultra comfort 2 inch wide strap for extra protection. Available fro both right and left handed Batsmen.

Price: $45.00
CA Wide Blade Bat

The new CA wide blade bats are especially designed for tape tennis cricket - wider blade (4.5") than standard (4.25") blade.

Price: $40.00
Price: $9.00
CLADS - Colored Pad Cover

CLADS are a unique product which convert white cricket batting and wicket-keeping pads into coloured cricket pads. Made of two specialised fabrics, they are applied to your plain white cricket pads in much the same way as you would pull a sock on over your foot.

Price: $45.00
CLADs Substitute - Soks

SoKs convert batting and wicket-keeping pads into coloured cricket pads. Made of special stretchable fabric. Please select size and color from drop down menu.

Price: $19.00
Combo Knock-In and Bandage

Bat knocked-In and bandaged for added protection against toe splits.

Price: $50.00
Cricket Whites (Pants with Full sleeve Shirt)

Long sleeve shirt. Cotton and Polyster blend. Pants. Elastic waist with a draw string and two side pockets.

Price: $29.00
Custom Made Color Uniform

Custom Color suits made to order. Minimum quantity is 15. Takes about 4 weeks to deliever. Can be customized to your color and design. Name, number and logos are extra. Please call for details.

Price: $35.00

Bat Weights

Senior Range (SH & LH) Weight
Light 2lb 9oz & Under
Medium 2lb 10oz - 2lb 12oz
Heavy 2lb 13oz & Over

Learn more about weights and sizes

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