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Essential Components of Cricket

Essential Components of Cricket

Cricket is a most popular game all over the world, especially in Indian Subcontinent and England, Australia, Africa,Caribbean countries. Previously, Cricket is mainly played in those countries where British ruled as Cricket is invented by British people. But increase in popularity of the cricket, nowadays the non-cricket playing nations such as United States, Netherlands, and many more countries are taking an interest. Cricket is not as friendlier to the people who live in the United States and many European countries. Recently, due to the increase in the broadcasting of cricket matches all over the world, the people are more curious about Cricket. Cricket is not much familiar to people but they want to try the sport of cricket. Also, the people from the Indian subcontinent are migrated to the US they also want to play cricket. But due to lack of assistance and equipment, they are unable to play and enjoy the sport. Now there is the availability of Online Cricket accessories and Online Cricket Bats over Internet and people can easily get that Cricket accessories from for Cricket lovers, professionals or just for practice.

The main accessory of cricket is bat and ball. The cricket bat is made from willow trees which are mainly found in England called as English willow and from India, it is called as Kashmiri willow.

Essentials Components Cricker


Why should use willow wood for bats?

  • Willow tree wood is the component for making cricket bats.
  • Immediate play with your bat regardless of any manufacturers pre-treatment is not advised.
  • A minimum of 14 days knocking in preparation is considered as a reasonable time period especially before full match use - bearing in mind our just above.
  • It is widely accepted amongst good cricketers and good bat manufacturers that a bat is a tool of the trade; its raw materials are naturally grown and not manmade.
  • A good bat is produced by craftsmen and their aim is to combine excellent hitting power with durability. The combination is not always, if at all easy.
  • Softer pressed bats tend to “go better’ but are even more likely to crack. The harder pressed bats last longer but often hitting power is compromised.
  • The bat makers’ aim is to strike a balance between the two to make the best all round cricket bat. We know about bats and look for this all important combination when ordering all our cricket bats.


Many other accessories are also very important for cricket professionals. It includes cricket gloves, cricket helmets, various guards including thigh, arm guard, elbow guard, pads, etc. Also, many other accessories which are minor but needed includes a cover of the bat, oil for bats, bat tapes, bat grips, bat gripper. The bat should be oiled for better performance. The best oil used for oiling the bat is linseed oil. Also, thebat should be hammered for better stroke play.


For non-professionals, they can play with a tennis ball. Cricket tennis ball is especially available for backyard cricket or non-professionals. They don’t have to bother about regular cricket bat they can play with normal cricket tennis bat and enjoy cricket. Playing cricket needs a lot of practice for batting or bowling so cricket nets are available for that and players can practice with help of nets and become cricket professionals.

Bat Weights

Senior Range (SH & LH) Weight
Light 2lb 9oz & Under
Medium 2lb 10oz - 2lb 12oz
Heavy 2lb 13oz & Over

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