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How to choose your cricket bat

How to choose your cricket bat

Cricket bat is essential accessory, and the raw material used for making bat must be appropriately checked and analyzed while processing. That is the critical part where quality of cricket bat lays. The bat is traditionally made from willow wood, specifically from a variety of White Willow called Cricket Bat Willow. Traditionally there are two types of willow use for making cricket bat but now, due to advanced technology many cricket bat manufacturers insert material called ‘Titanium’ into the handle to add reinforcement and more power in the hitting zone. Normally maximum length and width of the bat never exceeds 38 inches (965 mm) and 4.25 inches (108 mm) accordingly.

The English willow has a significant importance over Kashmir willow. Once you start hardball it is recommended you use an English willow bat, due to a significant performance advantage. The ball will travel much easier and further off the sweet spot of a well prepared English willow bat for the same amount of effort. This is due to the English willow growing much slower in the cooler English climate than Kashmir willow which is grown in Kashmir in India.

In cricket bat, grains define the quality of willow and performance of cricket bat. Quality Grains cricket bat means better bat performance and significant Willow quality. Following are the classifications of willow cleft on the basis of quality,-

Cricket bat is an accessory, which is tremendously famous that every fan of cricket would like to know the process of making cricket bat. Each and every piece of cricket bat must go through following process. Basically there are 6 steps involved in the process of making quality cricket bat. But as per different making processes, manufacturers can add or remove some of them.

Manufacturing quality cricket bat is an appropriate combination of perfect art and logic of science. And obviously manufacturing masterpiece is time consuming process. But the result of waiting is absolutely delighted. Let’s understand this Artful process in brief,- 


  1. Plantation- Before any process get started, trees need to be specially planted in in selected areas of the UK (English willow) and in case of Kashmir willow, plantation done in Kashmir, India. And then actual waiting period get started. Chopping process can come into existence after 15-20 years from plantation.
  2. Clefts- Clefts are nothing but, it’s an appropriate sized wedge. Each manufacturer carefully selects suitable clefts for making quality cricket bats. Selecting suitable and perfect cleft is an art; again there are many variables affects selection decision of manufacturers. But selection of cleft is crucial because at the end whole quality is depends upon selected clefts. After 6 months the clefts are removed from the drying room as they will have reached required moisture level.
  3. Cutting and shaping- Here at this stage, cleft gets their perfect shape as per pre-decided width and length. Handle and toe end of cricket bat are established. A basic shaping is done as per estimation and requirement. Machining and grading is an important part of this step.
  4. Pressing- Pressing gives strength to the willow so it can withstand the impact of a cricket ball. This process has to be done very carefully, to avoid cricket bat from being compressed too much.
  5. Handle fitting- The handle is usually constructed of a cane and rubber strips. To add some more power, manufacturers often use Titanium. Handle is main part of cricket bat and affixing it to the whole cricket bat body is very delicate job. If this job gets done with perfection then surely it will shows positive effect on ball hitting zone.
  6. Polishing- when the handle has been fitted, the cricket bat is nearly complete. Craftsmen then shape the blade to enhance the pickup and weight of the cricket bat and to ensure a good overall balance of the cricket bat. The shoulders of bat are shaped and blended to give the correct shape and structure to the bat. At the end, Horse’s skin bone used to polish the surface of the cricket bat. Then main marketing feature gets added to give identity to that particular product,- manufacturing logo and rubber grip( titled).


While purchasing English willow bats some points need to take into consideration.  Due to cut throat competition in this field, marketers trying to manipulate customers using fake marketing strategies, that’s why care of stickers and marking need to check carefully. Sometimes may be inferior quality willow bat would be sold in terms of quality English willow bat, just by attaching catchy and attractive labels. The tatalizing offers may switch customers thinking while purchasing. Sleazy products are available in huge quantity therefore certified and best-selling items should be purchased on a safer side. Also ‘Try before you buy’ this approach should be applied. Because when you buy new English willow bat, it can happen that the willow might be heavier and big in size than you have anticipated before.

Traditional Indian cricket bats are made in India, widely known as Kashmiri willow cricket bat. Manufacturing takes place in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. In Kashmir it is made out of willow found in northern India, whereas trees like teak and saal wood are used in making these bats in north-western region of country. Some bats made in Kashmir are of international standards and were used by many national players in India. Bats made in other regions are generally of lower quality, and mainly used in non-professional cricket games, such as tennis ball cricket, which are played in streets and neighborhoods across India.

The willow used in making these bats was brought in by the British. The industry, established in Kashmir combines traditional tools with modern technology.

Kashmiri bats require constant knocking and oiling to make the bat good enough to use in a cricket match. Knocking makes the fibers of the willow blade compress together, which helps the bat, bear the impact of the ball. Constant knocking for six hours is required so that the edges of the bat are well shaped [citation needed]. Another major aspect of taking care of such bats is oiling. Oil is applied on the back, toe, front and edges of the bat to make it more durable and to ensure the fibers get knitted properly.

But when it comes to international standards English willow is considered because they have great strokes due to thick blades and surfaces and the quality of their wood is also great. On the other hand,Kashmir Willows are designed for beginners and they have a comparatively thin blade But they also can be used for power hitting. The Kashmir willow is cheap as compared to English willow but it has great quality and used worldwide.

Understanding the importance of size of the cricket bat, and suitability according to age is also necessary to enhance the performance of the player. Following table gives brief idea about which size need to select as per your age and height,-









Upto 4’3”

25 ¾”

3 ½”



4’3”- 4’6”

27 ¾”

3 ½”



4’6”- 4’9”

28 ¾”

3 ¾”



4’9”- 4’11”

29 ¾”

3 ¾”




30 ¾”




5’2”- 5’6”

31 ¾”




5’6”- 5’9”

32 ¾”

4 1/6”

Full SH


5’9”- 6’2”

33 ½

4 ¼”

Full LH


6’2” and above

34 3/8”

4 ¾”


As you are investing your money and valuable time to choose suitable cricket bat for your personality then you have to have knowledge and some information about how to take care of your cricket bat. Following are some tips for enhance your performance and to grow lifespan of cricket bat.

  1. Apply a light coat of oil to the face, edges, toe and back of the cricket bat.
  2. Avoid over oiling the cricket bat.
  3. After oiling, leave the cricket bat in horizontal position to dry over a night.
  4. Avoid getting toe of the cricket bat wet during matches.
  5. Ensure that bowlers are using high quality cricket ball, this will avoid damage being caused to cricket bat.
  6. Most bats are not ready for immediate use and require knocking-in to allow the soft fibres to strike hard new cricket ball without causing damage to the bat, and allowing full power to be transferred to the shot.


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